Contract Manufacturing Services

We can advance your product discovery to market through our services in cell line, process development and biomanufacturing.
Located in Putra Nilai, Malaysia, Inno Biologics is an internationally recognised Contract Manufacturer for monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins using mammalian cell culture system.
With a collective strength of experience, expertise and proven track record, Inno Biologics is an effective platform for your biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Inno Biologics’ cGMP facility has been accredited by the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) for PIC/s cGMP compliance. The single train facility houses 200L and 1000L production bioreactors and an extensive range of equipment to support efficient and reliable production.
Sartorius disposable and stainless steel bioreactorsSartoflow cross flow filtration systemAKTA Process chromatography systemMaster Cell Bank (MCB) and Working Cell Bank (WCB)In addition to the world-class design and equipment, is the skills and experience that we have to offer. To date, we have successfully completed multiple manufacturing projects across 200L and 1,000L scale.



Industry Acknowledgement
Since its inception, Inno Biologics has emerged as a competitive CMO in the Asian region. We have established technical capabilities of an international standard CMO.
Giving the best services with highest quality standards
Quality is a continual process that doesn’t just happen but evolves over time and experience. With a highly skilled team and vast experience, we are able to develop methods, perform method validation and routine testing.
Fully compliant with PIC/s and cGMPs, all testing is carried out with a high degree of stringency, to ultimately ensure that the quality, purity and stability of the end-product are assured.
Self driven to achieve quality system value beyond compliance, our capabilities include:

Inorganic contaminants, Heavy metals limit test, Physice-chemical parameters, Total organic carbon, Heterotrophic plate count, Bacterial endotoxins
HPLC-UV, Fluorescence, RICapillary electrophoresis, ESI-MS/MS, Others
SDS-Page and native page, Iso-electric focusing, Western blots, ELISA and other microplate analysis, Total protein
Bacterial identification, Bacterial endotoxins, Environmental monitoring
Mycoplasma detection, Bacteria, yeasts, moulds, Isoenzyme analysis
Stability testing, Photostability testing, Real time and stress / accelerated stability
Mammalian cell-based, bioassays, Cell proliferation assays, Cytopathic assays, cgmp
Our approach to Project Management ensures a collaborative and trusting relationship, with customers’ goals as our primary objectives.
Each project is milestone structured, led by an experienced and committed project manager and supported by a multi-disciplinary team that is constantly striving to exceed customers’ expectations.
Close customer interaction is promoted through regular teleconferences and a dedicated customer interface to enable secure, interactive data sharing.
We are currently working on several ongoing projects, with space availability that we look forward to discuss this with you.

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